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All State officers to sign anti-graft code
18 Sep, 2017

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission wants all State officers to sign and commit to a leadership and integrity code before assuming their functions. The deputy CEO, Mr Michael Mubea, said this will enable the commission combat and prevent corruption in public service. Mr Mubea disclosed that all the State officers elected on August 8: governors,...

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Child Abuse

'Just like slaves': African migrant children face highest risk of abuse - report
12 Sep, 2017

Migrant children trying to reach Europe face beatings, forced labour and sexual exploitation, with...

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Kenya's juvenile justice system exposes children to abuse
01 Jul, 2017

Violence against children in Kenya is on the rise. Gauging Kenya’s scorecard on juvenile justice, Article 48 of the Constitution that provides...

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Rogue Kenyan churches taking trafficked babies to barren women, says nun
29 Jun, 2017

Rogue churches in Kenya are delivering trafficked babies to infertile women, a Kenyan nun who rescues stolen children said, as the United States condemned government officials for complicity in the...

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Six ways Kenyans are getting duped into buying fake gold

The Ministry of Mining has reported an increase in fraud cases involving gold dealings and exports in Kenya. “Persons passing with huge quantities of gold...

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Arrest order for ex-Chase Bank managers who skipped court

A Nairobi court yesterday issued a warrant of arrest against two former senior managers of Chase Bank for failing to appear in court to plead to the charges of...

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Two arrested in Mombasa for defrauding M-Pesa agents

Police on Friday arrested two people from Nairobi suspected to have defrauded M-Pesa shop owners in Mombasa and Malindi using fake currency. Malindi police boss...

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