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Rape news kenya
Cyber Crime Contributing to Overall Growth in Sex ....
28 Apr, 2020

New report by the Scottish Government reveals 20% of all sex-crimes are being...

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Corruption news kenya
The cost of corruption to society
09 Apr, 2020

What is corruption? Defining corruption can be a challenge. It takes many forms, and...

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Online sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children
23 Apr, 2020

Slovakia: Criminal Code provisions...

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The Coronavirus Could Cause a Child Abuse Epidemic
08 Apr, 2020

This crisis has created conditions for a rise in violence that young victims will find difficult to escape. Entire families are sheltering...

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Coronavirus restrictions 'may lead' to more child abuse
28 Mar, 2020

Germany’s child abuse commissioner has warned that instances of abuse could go up during the coronavirus outbreak as more and more people stay at home. Child abuse could...

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Social Media Sites 'it Easy' for Scammers to Trade Stolen Information

Investigators identified one Facebook post that revealed sensitive information belonging to an individual in Yorkshire. An investigation...

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Cyber criminals behind dozens of 'sextortion' scams

More than 40 cases of cyber-crime have been reported to police across Northern Ireland in just three days – the majority to do with so-called...

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Nigeria visa firm owned by man on fraud charges

The owner of the Nigerian government-appointed company which produces visas for people wishing to travel to Nigeria from around the world is facing charges...

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