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Government set to invest Kshs 350 million for officers training

15 Nov, 2019  0  Comments

The government has announced plans to invest more than 350 million shillings in a skills development programme for Public Communication and Information officers. According to Ministry of... ...Read More

CJ Maraga downplays absence of Govt officials at the NCAJ meeting

15 Nov, 2019  0  Comments

Chief Justice David Maraga has downplayed the absence of key Government officials during the National Council on Administration of Justice (NCAJ) meeting. Senior Government officers among... ...Read More

5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, & 14 Eyes Countries – What You NEED to Know

15 Nov, 2019  0  Comments

When talking about international intelligence-sharing agreements, things can get complicated fast. Don’t worry—we are going to quickly walk you through the key information... ...Read More

12 other governments that spy on their citizens

15 Nov, 2019  0  Comments

The U.S. government spies quite a bit on their own citizens. But these days, who doesn't? This article originally appeared on GlobalPost.     The US... ...Read More


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