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Top 10 Fraud Prevention Measures to Protect the Value of Your Business

22 Sep, 2022  0  Comments

During Edmonton's Small Business Week hosted by the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, I was asked to speak on the subject of fraud. I presented Fraud in Canada: A View from the Trenches.... ...Read More

Queen Elizabeth’s Coffin Leaves Scotland’s Balmoral Castle—Here’s How She’ll Get To London

12 Sep, 2022  0  Comments

TOPLINE   The late Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin arrived in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh on Sunday after traveling six hours by car from Balmoral Castle, the first leg of... ...Read More

The Importance of Cyber Forensics Professionals in 2022 and Beyond

07 Sep, 2022  0  Comments

Cyber forensics professionals are investigators that respond to cybercrime and serious data breaches. Organizations need cyber forensics to answer vital questions such as... ...Read More

15 Personal Leadership Goals for Every Team Leader

21 Aug, 2022  0  Comments

The best team leaders all have one thing in common: They put goals in place. It’s important for leaders to set goals for themselves so they can improve on skill sets they already... ...Read More


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